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How to Raise Up More Ministry Leaders

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I only have time to think about today, so I’ll just put off thinking about the future, until, well… sometime in the future. That is problematic thinking, because the future always seems to come way too fast. If you are a parent, maybe you have watched other parents show remorse when it comes time to pay for a child’s college years. Staring numbingly at the university billing statement, those parents were likely wishing they had started planning for the future much, much sooner. In this series, we are examining the importance of being leaders who think about the future. This video will look at the specifics regarding how to raise up more ministry leaders.

In church ministry, the perpetual onslaught of day-to-day responsibilities seem to steal time from the future. Think about all of the situations when you needed to open up more weekly schedule time.  Often times it was simply to make room for some contingency that had already wiped out the time you were reserving for some margin in your life. You would like to have even more time to spend on this month’s obligations, and that list could go on into eternity. This common scenario makes the future look very much like today, because the here and now is all you seem to have time for. You may even design sermon plans two to three months in advance, but are you truly ready for the future? It is coming, and it is moving in fast. With this reality, how are you going to make time to raise up more ministry leaders?

In this video:

We will emphasize one of the most impactful ways to prepare for the future.  In addition, we will give you five pivotal reasons why you must be raising up new leaders right now. Our rapidly changing culture dictates a shift in church methodology that calls us to be ready for ministering to people with tomorrow’s new needs and issues, people that we are not prepared to reach today. You will need new leaders to help you do it. Watch this video, allow it to move your heart, and begin to raise up more ministry leaders.

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