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Leading a Portable Church

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As you are leading a church, there is a common temptation to always want more. More resources, more attendance, more events, or whatever it is for you. Oftentimes, this mindset prevents us from seeing the true purpose of our ministry. When we are always seeking more, we tend to lose sight of what we already have. The reality is, if God has called you, He will equip you with what you need. When leading a portable church, rather than a multimillion-dollar permanent location, there are some fundamental keys to success that we want to teach you.

First off, it is abundantly important that you can check your mindset. You cannot view your current resources as a limitation, rather than an asset. God has given your church the building and resources that you need for this season. Or perhaps you are still in a season of waiting in terms of the location that God will provide. Either way, the reality is that portable church leadership does not have to be any less effective just because it is portable. The portable church allows for many benefits and opportunities as long as you keep your mind and heart open.

Secondly, the portable church is biblical. It is very clear throughout scripture that the Church is not an entity bound to a building or physical location. The Church is about people. We want to show you how the portable church is found all throughout the Bible and how you can apply practical insight from scripture.

Lastly, we want to get very practical in terms of your portable church leadership. What are the strategies to make a portable church effective? What are your first steps in launching your new location? How can you make your existing portable church more effective?

In this series:

We are unpacking everything you need to know about leading a portable church. You will learn helpful tips and strategies from a biblical and practical standpoint. It is time to level up your portable church leadership!

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