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Leading A Missions Giving Church

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The topic of generosity and giving is one that can spark many mixed emotions. On one hand, you have your faithful givers who have never missed a single tithe. On the other hand, you have brand new church members who are still asking why they need to “pay to go to church.” Regardless of the church you pastor at, chances are you have a good mixture of these two mindsets and everything in between. With that said, we know that there are best practices that you can adopt to lead a missions giving church. Here, we are unpacking those best practices and elaborating on how you can apply them to your context.

One of the most important factors of leading a missions giving church is understanding why giving is so important. When the pastor or church leader has a grasp on the byproducts of missions giving, they can further communicate that to the church. Likewise, the pastor must understand why missions giving is crucial from a biblical standpoint. When the leader understands these things, they can effectively inspire a congregation to buy into the idea of giving.

Beyond understanding the importance of giving comes the practical side of leading a missions giving church. The reality is, there are best practices, models, and strategies that you can adopt that will propel the generosity of your church. As a leader, if you do not understand these strategies, you will not be able to communicate the importance of missions giving to your church.

So, what are the strategies you must adopt as a leader to inspire missions giving? Where should your focus be in terms of metrics concerning missions giving? How can you further your understanding of the importance of giving and generosity as a leader?

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We are taking a look at what it takes to lead a missions giving church from a practical and spiritual perspective.

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