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Leadership VS Management

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When you think of the terms leadership and management, they almost sound synonymous. The reality is, the role of a leader and the role of a manager is very different. This is especially true within the context of ministry. While both of these aspects of ministry leadership are unique, they are equally important. As a pastor or church leader, how can you identify the certain characteristics of each, and then apply them to your pastoral role? In this series, we are unpacking the difference between leadership and management.

One of the key concepts that is tied to leadership and management is vision. Good leadership and management are a tool that ultimately results in positive vision. Every good leader understands the need for vision. The problem is, not every leader understands how to obtain it. When you understand the difference between leadership and management, and you can grow in both, you can begin to build positive vision.

Next, we will dive into the various mindsets and traps you can fall into as a leader pertaining to leadership and management. When a pastor or church leader can pinpoint organizational ditches, they can effectively avoid falling into them. Additionally, a leader must understand their specific role within the church. When you understand your role as a leader and as a manager, you can make the most of them.

Your pastoral role requires effective leadership and management. Without either of these facets, your congregation and team will lack the authoritative figure they need to thrive. God has called you to a high role. Will you steward it well by putting in the work?

In this series:

You will learn the difference between leadership and management and how this applies to your pastoral role. This advice is for any church context and for every pastor to follow.

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