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How to Deal with Stress in Ministry

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It is true that in life, stress and worry can be a prevalent source of discouragement. The multitude of stressors in today’s society is vast and unavoidable. Too often, things seem to be going well, when something prevents you from experiencing peace. Perhaps you can relate to this truth as you think about all of the responsibilities that are due within a tight timeframe. Maybe you constantly find yourself in situations in which you are coming up short in regard to the tasks that you have been assigned to complete. Whatever you find yourself stressed about currently, there is a solution to combat it. In this series, we discuss all things regarding how to deal with stress in ministry.

For each aspect of life that could potentially add stress to your life, it is imperative that you are able to systematically alleviate it. Since stress is such a broad topic, it can be difficult to identify how to deal with stress in ministry. After all, the stress that you experience in ministry could be because of people, responsibilities, emotional issues, or even simple health issues. We want to resource you so that you feel confident when it comes to how to deal with stress in ministry.

We live in a society that teeters on a line of actually encouraging stress. One of the most popular phrases within the past decade is simply, “I am so stressed.” Here at Leaders.Church, we believe that you can be an exception to this societal standard. God has called you to lead with confidence, passion, and influence. He has not called you to be weighed down by the stressors of life. We all know that it is biblical to refrain from worrying, but this can difficult.

In this series:

We will unpack how to deal with stress in ministry in a way that is simple and practical, yet effective. We will walk through different types of common stressors and pair them with viable solutions. Take charge of your stress and lead with confidence!

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