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How to Deal with Personal Stress in Ministry

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You may really need the information contained in this series today. Stress may be inhibiting you from being consistently able to be at your very best. If you feel like you are too stressed out to read this, don’t be tempted to look away, but lean into it instead. Or you may feel like you are managing the demands of your ministry and life effectively at this time. Even so, you realize that added responsibilities and tough seasons cause stress to ebb and flow. Stressful times are headed your way at some point. Furthermore, there are inevitably one or more people on your team that are dealing with stress and could use your support in sharing this practical advice.

In this series, we examine several different types stress, discuss some causes and take a look at practical ways to deal with them. Regarding personal stress, or the absence of it, we may not be able to take you back to your childhood, when you enjoyed a life of seeking fun and play, seldom bothered by anything stressful. You had school and tests and mean kids to deal with, but nothing compared to what you deal with as an adult.

Personal stress may come from internal or external sources. And if left unmitigated, stress can extract health from your body. Studies show that it can affect your heart, lungs, muscles, skin and weaken your immune system. But stress reduction doesn’t happen by osmosis. You have to be intentional about reducing your stress levels, and this series is designed to assist you in accomplishing it.

In this video, we will walk through ten tips to help you reduce personal stress. The list is pragmatic and highly effective, but it is not exhaustive. As you watch, be considering how to make these changes habitual in your life.

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