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Trust and Empowerment in Ministry

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One of the key components of leadership involves the development of other leaders. When you think about the ultimate goal of reaching the more people for Christ, this rings true. Your influence can only go so far, for so long. This is why empowering leaders in ministry is vital. The future of church leadership is dictated by the leaders we raise up now.

As we discuss what it looks like to empower other leaders in ministry, it is important to realize that trust plays a huge role. Trust is the foundation for which we frame these principles on. Without trust, empowerment is just a hopeless wish.

Think about it this way. Imagine you and your best friend decide to embark on a journey with a new business venture. Somewhere along the line, there is an event that causes one of you to lose trust in the other person. As you are attempting to manage finances and market for the business, the road is bumpy because of this lack of trust. What should you do?

In ministry, trust and empowerment go hand-in-hand. You cannot have empowerment without trust, but what does that mean for the leader? How can you improve situations where trust is lacking? What are some practices that you can take part in that will allow you to empower others effectively? Perhaps you simply need to know what pastoral empowerment looks like.

In this series:

Our goal is to give you the confidence it takes as a leader to empower others within the realm of ministry. This is a task that involves many practical ideas, as well as spiritual concepts. Ultimately, we want you to inspire more God-honoring leaders so that the kingdom of God can be advanced. Here, we examine four videos packed with key principles on empowering leaders in ministry.

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