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Willing to Trust in Ministry

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Trust is the basis for your empowerment as a leader. You have to be able to trust who you are empowering, and they have to be able to trust you as their mentor or leader. As you seek to empower people with a level of confidence that claims success, trusting the right people is key. In this video you will learn what types of people you should trust enough to empower.

One component of trust is trust-worthiness. Trust worthiness determines who you should trust when it comes to empowerment. If the people you are empowering are not trust-worthy, they are not going to be successful. When you are looking for trust-worthy people, there are several things to consider. In this video, you will learn what makes up a trust-worthy leader.

The other side to trust is your trust-willingness. Are you willing to give your trust away? The ability to trust people is not always dependent on the level of trust that they deserve. Sometimes we refuse to trust people because of a negative experience we have had in the past in which someone has hurt us. Maybe there is something you need to let go of in order for you to trust the people that will help you fulfill the vision of your church. In this video, you will learn what it means to be trust-willing and how it pertains to your ability to empower others.

The people that you trust must also be able to trust you. It is important to ask yourself the same questions that you set as qualifiers for others. Are you a trust-worthy person? Are you a trust-willing person? Assess the answers to these questions carefully.

In this video, you will learn a clear definition of what trust is, the two components of trust, and how each component of trust is broken down to assist you as you empower others.

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