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When a Pastor Lacks Courage

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We understand the pastoring can be frightening. Afterall, you are tasked with shepherding the broken, encouraging the hurt, teaching the congregation and more. Additionally, there are logistical tasks that creep up on you such as budgeting or marketing. With all of these areas of oversight that you possess as a pastor, it is common to feel overwhelmed. On top of this, the weight of your role exceeds any business endeavor out there. Your profession has to do with the eternity of other people! The reality is, the church when the pastor lacks courage cannot thrive.

Courage can be a difficult thing to muster up. Think back to when you were a kid as you attempted to ride a bike for the first time. Perhaps you can remember the first time you had to speak in front of an audience. Regardless of who you are, we have all been a part of situations that have required some courage. You also understand that it can be hard to obtain.

The good news is that you can possess courage for your leadership and ministry. Do not count yourself out when you experience a little bit of fear. This is very common! With this said, the first step in gaining courage is to identify where the lack of courage stems from. A lack of managerial courage in ministry can stem from many different things. There are so many specific instances that can cause a leader to lose courage.

In this video:

We summarize these instances into four broad categories. These categories are broad enough that many specific scenarios will fall under the umbrella of one of them. These will help you analyze your scenario and attempt to identify the reason for your lack of courage. Success and growth will not be present in the church when the pastor lacks courage. It is time for you to lead with managerial courage!

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