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Effectiveness of Measuring Ministry

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At Leaders.Church, we have spent a significant amount of time sharing observations and best practices on important leadership topics such as vision, motivating people to action, growing leaders, communication, developing leaders, and experiencing accomplishment. These are all themes which may include discussion on planning, training, and setting expectations. When we check these items from our agenda as completed, it is all too easy just to move on to the next list of future initiatives.

Before we forge ahead, it is critical to know if those plans were executed properly, the training objectives are bearing fruit, and if expectations have been met or exceeded. Monitoring and evaluating the current state of a program, process, or initiative is crucial to success because reliable data leads to better decision making. When we deliver clear plans and expectations, we should be able to monitor progress and compare the observations to the original plan.

Monitoring benefits leadership by letting them see the big picture, but it also helps staff and volunteers. Leaders need to know if volunteers are getting everything they need to serve to their full potential. The idea of monitoring can be criticized by some people in fear that it takes the spiritual edge off of ministry and gives church more of a corporate business feel. Nothing could be further from the truth. A capable monitoring assessment can ensure that the church is engaging in good stewardship with regard to financial resources. An honest evaluation process also discloses whether people are properly placed in areas that utilize their gifts and talents. If you fail to monitor and evaluate, prepare to be disappointed in the results you see. Monitoring impacts effectiveness in the church.

In this video:

We share seven highly valuable observations for churches to consider in instituting a monitoring process. When you watch, consider the ways you and your church can be more effective in reaching your high-level ministry goals.

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