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A System to Measure Ministry Data

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When it comes to retaining guests, your numbers may be anywhere on the spectrum. Your church may be retaining the majority of your guests, as well as successfully connecting most of those guests with serving opportunities. On the other hand, as a leader, you may feel as if the majority of the visitors who walk through the doors of your church, are grabbing a cup of coffee and leaving before the service even starts. Chances are, your church is somewhere in the middle of those two scenarios. Whatever situation your church is currently in, it is important that you understand the fundamentals that create an effective system for guest assimilation. The fact is, there is always room for improvement! In this video, you will learn how to assimilate guests using processes that are universally effective for churches today.

When someone walks into your church, they will most definitely have high expectations. As church leaders, we are in the people business. This means that whatever we do, there has to be intentionality involved from the standpoint of getting people connected to the church. From the second a guest walks in the front door, to the second they leave, it is important that they feel welcomed and safe. This video will teach you more about how important the initial experience for a guest is when it comes to assimilation.

Perhaps the most convenient aspect of guest assimilation is that it is universally accessible regardless of the situation that your church is in. There are certain processes and procedures that you can follow without a massive amount of money or resources. In this video you will learn how to effectively assimilate guests into your church by using five key steps. These steps are geared towards creating processes that will make your guest assimilation a priority, as well as an integral part of your church.

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