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A System for Connecting People in Community

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When a new visitor comes to your church for the first time, they are looking for a lot more than a great message. When it comes to making the decision as to which church to attend, one of the biggest factors is how a visitor feels like they will fit into the community that the church provides. If we believe that the true meaning of church is God’s community of people, connecting people and fostering an environment for that community to flourish is crucial. In this video you will learn the importance of building community in your church and the effect it has on your congregation.

Before you can begin to dive into strategies that will assist you in connecting people in community, it is important to understand how to make community a priority at your church. It is not enough for one staff member to be tasked with creating community in the church, it takes a whole team to create that community. Once your entire team is on board and understands the importance of community, you can start to put effective community building strategies into practice. There are many ways to provide an atmosphere where people can experience community. You can have small groups that are led by different leaders in your congregation or you can host community events that are geared towards bringing people together. There are endless ways that you can make connections within your church. Whatever your method is, there are some key aspects that you have to be aware of that will determine whether or not substantial community is built.

As you are fostering an environment that encourages community, providing definition and accessibility is key. In this video, you will learn about the importance of connections, how discipleship happens best in community, and six steps for connecting people in community.

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