What if God does ______? How Dreaming Yields Bigger Results


What if God does ______? How Dreaming Yields Bigger Results


Dreams vs. reality …

Have you felt this tension when leading in ministry?

More than likely you have experienced it …

… but the question is, which of these consumes your thoughts?

The fact is — we live in reality.

Sunday prep … meetings … outreach events … counseling appointments … weddings … and the list goes on.

We have ministry “stuff” to manage and yet great leaders know you cannot simply manage what you have currently. You have to move forward …

… and that happens when you DREAM … when you ask the question: What if God does _______?

I want to challenge you in this vlog to fill in that blank by dreaming bigger than the reality of your present situation.

I believe your willingness to dream bigger is directly proportional to the work God will do through you and your ministry in the days to come.

Pastors and church ministry leaders must continually dream and plan for bigger. When that happens, it prepares the way for God to bring the people He wants to bring to your church.

However, if you don’t dream, then you won’t prepare. And if you don’t prepare, you essentially limit the impact your church or ministry can make and more or less limit what God can or wants to do through you and your ministry.

So DREAM BIG and watch God do amazing things through you!

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