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How Hobbies Will Make You A Better Pastor


“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” This is an idiom that needs not be the description of any pastor or church leader anywhere in the world!

Pastors are notorious for doing nothing but the ministry. They are called of God … and because they are called, they sometimes confuse their work with their calling.

We are all called to serve the Lord. Some of us have a component of that calling with our vocation. However, when we work in ministry it is critical that we have outside interests – hobbies – that helps us be better at ministry.

Here are three big pluses of having hobbies.

1. They Refresh You.

Being involved in a hobby helps refresh you. You are not a machine. Your engine must shut down. When you do, the hobby helps you reinvigorate your body, mind and spirit.

2. They Shift Your Mind.

You need your mind to shift from ministry to something else. A hobby helps your brain think on tracks different than ministry tracks. Reading, exercise, sports … these can all help your mind be better in ministry because your brain gets and needs variety.

3. They Help You Stay in Touch with People.

When you fish, play sports, have non-church breakfasts and lunch with people, you learn their lives in ways that help you in your role as a pastor or church leader. There are people in your sphere of influence who may be reluctant to come to church, but they would love to do a hobby with you. So why not?

By the way, when I talk hobbies, I certainly encourage you to “hobby” with people you enjoy i.e. your spouse, son, daughter, best friend, etc.

I pray that all you do in growing and developing hobbies in your life will, in fact, refresh you, shift your mind and help you stay in touch with people. God desires that for you!

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