The Leadership Streaming Service for Church Growth


The Leadership Streaming Service to Help You Grow the Church

Level-up your leadership. Grow your ministry skills. Reach more people than you ever dreamed possible. Here is the leadership streaming service.

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Hey, Dick Hardy here, Co-Founder of Leaders.Church. I have a very special announcement today about some massive changes we’re making here at Leaders.Church, and how this is going to be a huge win for you.

Ya see, after consulting with hundreds of churches, working with more than 2,000 pastors and ministry leaders, I’ve come to realize that growing churches are led by growing pastors. This means the key to a church’s growth is its leadership. Let me put it this way… THE common denominator in growing churches is the pastor.

If you want to see your church grow and reach more people, then that means YOU have to keep growing as a leader all the time. So, the question is, do you have a strategic plan for growing your leadership?

Streaming Service for Pastors

Our desire, here at Leaders.Church, is to help you grow the church. We want to help you reach more people than you EVER dreamed possible. And that’s why we created the Leaders.Church membership!

This streaming service to help pastors grow the church focuses entirely on helping you lead better. We know that when YOU level-up your leadership and grow your ministry skills, you and the church will reach more people.

And I don’t know about you, but I know countless pastors who entered uncharted territory here in 2020. Now, more than ever, pastors need to lead at whole new levels.

It’s for that reason I’m excited to announce we’re improving what’s offered through the Leaders.Church Membership.

Effectively immediately, you can now be even more strategic and get personal results with our features that allow you to track your progress through the material. As well, we’ve improved the user experience and created new ways for you to grow, through optional coaching and onsite visits by our team.

All of these are designed to help you get better as a pastor so you can take the church to the next level.

[NOTE: Check more details of this great offer at the Church Tips Podcast, Major changes to Leaders.Church & Why You Should Join Now.]

Three Different Membership Plans

In conjunction with these improvements to your experience, I’m excited to announce we now have three different membership plans from which you can choose: the Standard, Advanced, and Premium membership levels.

Each plan offers varying features that fit your needs and budget. And here’s the best news of all! Right now, you can lock in our top-tier, premium membership plan for LIFE… at a MASSIVE discount.

That’s right! If you join the Leaders.Church membership this week, you’ll be grandfathered in at the current rate of $37 per month (and you’ll even get two months free with the annual plan). This means you’ll get all the bells and whistles included with the new Leaders.Church Premium Membership for 47% off, and you’ll stay at that rate as long as you remain a member.

On September 4th that investment changes to $690 per year. But for today, you can get EVERYTHING for just $370 a year (or $37 a month).

What would it feel like to get better, break barriers and grow your church? Would you like to experience sustainable growth at the church? Since growing churches are led by growing pastors, YOU are the #1 key to growing the church!

Inside Leaders.Church you’ll learn at your own pace. And… you’ll experience immediate results. We’ve helped over 2,500 pastors and church leaders improve their personal effectiveness and get the results we know you want.

Again, all you have to do during this very short window is click the button to get started.

No contract. No commitment. Cancel any time.

When you join, you’ll get EVERYTHING listed in the Premium membership at 47% off. You’ll NEVER, EVER make an investment like this ANYWHERE! You’d pay thousands upon thousands of dollars – and lose multiple months of your year if you traveled to conferences dealing with all of the topics inside Leaders.Church. Plus, you’d have to multiply those costs for other team members to attend.

But you’ll get ALL of it, on-demand, at a fraction of the cost. Is your church worth an investment as good as this? What about you and the ministry God has called you to?

92% of pastors say Leaders.Church has increased their leadership capacity. I’m sure you want your leadership capacity to increase too, right?

Now is the time. This is your moment. Just click the button and I’ll look forward to seeing you as a new member inside Leaders.Church!

[NOTE: Check more details of this great offer at the Church Tips Podcast, Major changes to Leaders.Church & Why You Should Join Now.]


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