5 Investments a Church Board Needs to Make in Their Pastor


The 5 Investments a Church Board Needs to Make in Their Pastor

Members of the church board are some of the finest people to ever walk alongside the lead pastor. They help carry the vision and mission of the church forward to reach spiritually lost people with the Gospel.

The best Church Board members are truly the result of pastors taking seriously the charge in Ephesians 4 to “…equip the saints for the work of ministry.”

In this post we’ll look at five ways a church board can invest in their pastor’s preaching.

I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the finest church boards anywhere. And I can tell you a consistent theme I’ve seen with all of those boards. They have a powerful desire to see their pastor be all they can be. They want that pastor to be the best at everything they put their hand to… including what they do every weekend as they enter the pulpit to preach.

But I do say to church boards, “Don’t assume.” Just because the pastor has a solid Bible College or Seminary degree doesn’t mean they’ve arrived in their preaching. Every pastor I know ALWAYS desires to be better at communicating the truth of God’s Word. And it’s a great privilege of a church board to invest in their pastor in this way.

So, how exactly should a church board invest in their pastor?

Consider these five ways to invest…

1. Pray – While together in board meetings, practice praying for the pastor, for fellow board members, and the church. All of the church’s investment in anything should begin with the understanding of the board members’ individual responsibilities to pray.

2. Encourage – Encourage the pastor to take advantage of continuing education opportunities that help them get better in their leadership in general and preaching in specific.

3. Connect – Help your pastor connect with other pastors and leaders in your area and in any denominational or fellowship groups of their choosing.

4. TrainInvest in the Preaching Track of Church University. This online course will help the pastor get better, break preaching barriers and grow the church. As well, it will help them discover how effective sermon prep and confident sermon delivery can help your church grow! This resource provides your pastor with the systematic A to Z of preaching. BTW, Church University offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all their resources. So, you and your pastor has nothing to lose to go kick the tires for 30 days to see if this could be helpful for the pastor.

5. Affirm – Always, stand ready to affirm the pastor in their preaching, even when they don’t hit a home run. Certainly, do not be disingenuous, but whenever possible look for and comment on that which was preached and had impact on your thinking and spiritual being.

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Here’s the thing. Good pastoring doesn’t happen by accident. And preaching is a major responsibility of the pastor. So, in turn it is true that good preaching doesn’t happen by accident. It happens when the pastor, the board and church acknowledge the need to invest in that which is important, in this case, the pastor’s preaching.

Churches that don’t grow seldom invest financially in their pastor. They consider it a frill or waste of money. They wrongly use terms like, “Let’s not spend money on the pastor because they don’t need it or it will look self-serving for us to do so.” And hence, they continue the flat and downward spiral of “no growth.”

On the other hand, churches that want to see growth, are willing to invest financially in this key front-line aspect of the pastor’s leadership – their preaching! And they know the old phrase, you get what you pay for. The church’s bottom line will be improved when the church board invests in its leader in this way.

So, what’s the takeaway?

Invest in your pastor today, specifically in their preaching. Pray for them, equip them, spend wisely on them, and demonstrate the best in overall human and financial stewardship. Help them be the best in their service to the church not only in their preaching but in their overall leadership of the church, as well.

When you do these things, you’ll find the pastor more energized than ever before. They will find sermon prep time they never knew existed. They will preach with more confidence and have time for other aspects of their life and ministry. Additionally, they will be well-rested when they hit the pulpit on the weekend and have joy and be fulfilled as they finish Sunday.

Board members that invest in their pastor see spiritual results they would never have seen otherwise. And most importantly, these wonderful partners in ministry watch their pastor flourish in fulfilling the Great Commission to reach spiritually lost people with the Gospel.

Invest in your pastor today!

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