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5 Ways to Get That Sermon Started

You stare at the screen… and nothing. You think and pray… and nothing. The clock is ticking… and nothing. Pastors, let’s talk about the real world of sermon prep. How do you get your sermon started?

Been there? Done that? If you preach with any regularity, you know it happens. So, what can, or should you do about it?

Some pastors get to the weekend and feel inadequate or underprepared. While others feel they spent too much time on research. So, they have a bunch in the reservoir… and nothing. In any event when you’re blank, it’s the pits!

You can always think you could pray more, study more, get smarter, get more spiritual… And my guess you’ve probably tried one or all of these at one point or another in your preaching prep life.

We get it. So, here at Leaders.Church we wanted to find a way to help any pastor who’s “stuck” in the initial preparation of their sermon be able to get “unstuck.”

To this end we partnered with Sermon Consultant, Chris Colvin to craft the Sermon Starters PDF. This 4-page descriptive helps you identify where to start to get something flowing for that great sermon God has in your heart.

Have you ever sat down to write your message for the weekend and realized you don’t know where to start? Take a look at the Sermon Starters PDF for a multitude of effective strategies to get you started.

I’d encourage you to download the Sermon Starters PDF to help you get started crafting better sermons and delivering them in a way that prompts more life change in people.

I believe the answer to getting started is not in finding the magic number of hours to spend in your office in front of your computer. It’s about maximizing the time you do spend in the Word, online and in your books. It’s all about getting a great start… and being more than intentional about it.

This Sermon Starters PDF offers you ideas that hold incredible potential to do just that, get your sermon off to a great start. In it we share five sermon starters that any pastor can use beginning this week!

Getting a great start is half the battle when it comes to crafting compelling messages. If you’ve ever felt the crunch of a deadline at the end of the week or the drag of sermon prep that goes on for hours, then grab one of these five starters and get to work. Not only will it give you a boost, it will give you more confidence.

We stand ready to help and encourage you in your sermon prep and ultimately its delivery. A great start sets the stage for a great sermon. Grab the Sermon Starters PDF and get started!

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