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Your Leadership Breakthrough

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The goal of this series is simple, to help you prepare the church for the growth God wants to bring. Growing churches is not about tactics and methods, it’s all about leadership. God wants to build His Church and He chooses us to do so. In order for us to be ready for the people God wants to send our way, we need to make sure we’re prepared with the leadership necessary to facilitate the ministry.

If you want to see the church grow and maximize its impact in your community, then developing leaders must become an integral part of the church’s culture. In this first video we talk about the three primary elements to maximize your impact and be the leader people love to follow. When you do these things, you’ll discover in a very short time your church has a bigger team of qualified people ready to lead in different areas of ministry.

In the second video, we take some time to go on a journey through essential areas pastors and leaders need to consider as they lead their churches and ministries. We look at the things we can do to help lead ministry better.

And finally, in the third video, we discuss five systems (assimilate guests, onboard volunteers, obtain feedback, connect people in community, and track data to measure effectiveness) that will be helpful for your church. The Lord brings the increase, but he partners with us to lead the church. Systems make things simpler and clearer as we help people get involved in ministry, and they ensure that we are good stewards of the people God entrusts to us.



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