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Emotional Survival for Pastors

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Emotional health, specifically for pastors, is one of the least discussed topics in ministry, however, it can make or break a pastor. The pastor who understands how to stay mentally and emotionally healthy, as well as how to combat emotional pain, is a pastor who is effective. There are several key components of remaining emotionally healthy in ministry. If the pastor is not committed to their personal health in this area, their ability to lead others is seriously hindered. Here, we will unpack the various nuances of emotional survival for pastors.

Before understanding the various strategies, you can take to combat the issues that arise concerning emotional health, it is important to know what these problems may be. We often want the solutions before we fully understand the problem. As pastors, it is imperative that we comprehend why this role can be mentally and emotionally draining without the correct level of intentionality. Once the pastor understands the need for consistent assessment of their emotional well-being, they can begin to strategize how to remain emotionally healthy.

So, what are the strategies that a pastor can utilize to remain emotionally healthy? We believe that there are many specific types of emotional pain, trauma, and stressful situations that can arise in ministry. Each of these specific scenarios requires a different approach to combatting them. Our goal is to assist you as you tackle each area in your ministry that can affect your emotional well-being. How can a pastor ensure that they remain emotionally healthy? What are the different types of emotional pain that pastors deal with? We want to help you answer these questions and more.

In this series:

We are unpacking everything you need to know about emotional survival for pastors. We titled this series “emotional survival” because survival is what it feels like sometimes. It is our belief that if you take time to go through this series, you will not only survive emotionally, but you will thrive.

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