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Roger Lane Book – Funded

There are two things I’ve never heard from any pastor.

We have too many volunteers!

We have too much money!

Almost seems too funny to note those two statements. I mean who couldn’t put more people to work in ministry… and who in their right mind would say, “We have all the money we need?”

It is that issue of money that I’d like to spend a few minutes on in this blog.

Meet Roger Lane

Roger Lane is a ministry leader who understands money, stewardship, generosity, etc. like no one else. He served as a seasoned fund-raising executive for a major ministry training university in Minneapolis. He has raised just shy of $400,000,000 in total for ministry purposes.

Roger and I go way back to our days of working as partners in ministry at a great church in Des Moines, Iowa, he as the Adult Ministries Pastor and me as the Church Business Administrator.  I learned early on in our friendship and ministry that Roger had a gift in motivating people to multiple aspects of ministry possessed by few.

In his new book, Funded: A Leaders’ Guide to Raising Money God’s Way he writes of transforming lives with God’s prayer path for living and giving.

Now, I have to tell you that I’ve read my share of fund raising books, many of them helpful, a few, not so much.

But this book. Wow! Roger has nailed it. He breaks the book into three easy to digest sections;  Discovering God’s Strategy, Building the Funding Initiative – Leadership and Planning, and Going Live – Committing.

If you have the need to raise significant dollars staring you in the face, do not be anxious or fearful. Roger Lane and Funded will be your best friends in navigating the ups and downs of a funding initiative.

He’s helped countless pastors and ministry leaders. He’s guided them and their churches into the fullest understanding of the blessing of giving.

With this book you’ll…

Watch the church move from fearing to praying to funding.

Build the highest level and complete leadership team from the volunteers at your great church.

Learn the difference between stewardship and generosity. Yes, there is a difference.

The prayer emphasis and giving process will amaze you.  The Body at your church will grow attuned to the call and make the commitments to go where the Lord wants them to go.

Roger says it best when he says, “Wherever you are in the mix of life and ministry, God knows who you are, where you are and what you need to successfully lead His church forward.”

Pick up Funded today and watch God go before you in ways you never could have imagined possible. I will pray with you to this end!

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