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How Rethinking Easter Will Grow Your Church

[NOTE: This blog is focused on the major event on the church calendar – Easter.  It’s principles articulated herein are applicable across the spectrum of church events and seasons.]

Here’s a question for you: What is going to make this Easter different from last Easter? 

By that I mean … what is going to cause more people to come back to your church the week after Easter this year over last?

The greatest day in the year to talk to pastors is the Monday after Easter. It’s a great day, isn’t it?

The worst day to talk to pastors is the Monday after the Sunday after Easter (i.e. 8 days after Easter).

I remember talking a pastor-friend of mine out of becoming a truck driver on a day like that.

He literally was deciding which company to go with, either Peterbilt or Kenworth. I seriously had to talk him off the ledge!

This is the reality for many pastors. Maybe not to the point where they’ll quit ministry entirely (although for some it is), but it can be very hard to see no tangible change in your ministry following a big event like Easter…

… BUT it shouldn’t be that way so we developed what a big-impact Easter SHOULD look like for you in this brand new, 6-part video series entitled, Rethinking Easter: From Big Event to Big Impact.

What would it be like for you to experience near and long-term growth as a result of the Easter experience guests have at your church?

In Rethinking Easter, you can actually see this happen.

This Easter has huge potential to grow your church. In this 6-part video series, you’ll discover the six crucial steps to adding new people to the church.

The fact is, most churches struggle with getting visitors to return after a big event (84.5% of more than 2,000 churches we assessed to be exact).

We’ll teach you how to solve this problem and grow your church, and the principles you’ll find in this series will actually help you with all of your church’s events year-round.

As you prepare for Easter this year, dig deep and do the right things that will produce the big impact for the Kingdom. Rethinking Easter will do just that!

Click here to get access to the Rethinking Easter video series.


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