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How to Prioritize Commitments With So Many Demands for Your Time


Priorities – The fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important than another.

Commitments – A pledge or promise; an obligation.

Now let’s put these two together. Prioritizing Commitments – The fact or condition of one pledge, promise or obligation being regarded or treated as more important than another.

When we think of prioritizing commitments in ministry, we can sometimes feel like we are having to trade off one thing for another.

Here are two ways prioritizing commitments from ministry to family and family to ministry can look.

1. Prioritize Family Over Ministry.

Make sure your spouse and children know you hold them in high esteem. They are of great value to you. When ministry seems to get in the way of family, reconfigure the way you view that conflict. Often, when a family issue needs to be prioritized, you will find a ministry role can generally be handled very capably by another staff member or volunteer.

2. Prioritize Ministry Over Family.

This is generally a seasonal issue. Frequently the pastor or church leader sees far enough into the future to communicate with the family the scheduling that lies ahead. For example, Christmas and Easter are always busy times in the life of the church. You need to prepare your family to not be surprised by these seasons.

Do everything you can to build into your ministry schedule the lives and activities of your spouse and children and vice versa. It does not have to be either/or. When you plan far enough ahead with both family and ministry activities and responsibilities, it can be both/and.

You can effectively prioritize the commitments you have with both your family and your ministry. Do not be frustrated with this process. Engage in it … revel in it!

View the privilege of setting priorities of commitments as a very good thing – something to celebrate. When you see your family and your ministry moving forward in perfect harmony with the priorities you have established, you will be amazed at how God advances both.

I will pray with you to this end!

(NOTE: Does your ministry & life feel out of balance? Click here to learn how to create the appropriate margin for long-term ministry effectiveness.)

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