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105 – Arrow Striker is LIVE for You!

What’s in this Episode?

In this episode of the Church Tips podcast, author Jonathan Hardy is sharing more details about his new book, Arrow Striker. He’s also giving info on bulk discounts, other resources coming soon, and a giveaway for today ONLY!

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Jonathan Hardy 0:00
Hey Arrow Striker is officially live! Today’s a very special day for the launch of the book and do we have some amazing things for you. If you like giveaways and you want to win something, today is your day so make sure you tune in for this episode.

Jonathan Hardy 0:14
Alright right, all right Arrow Striker is live! Man, we are so excited to be able to tell you about the launch of Arrow Striker. My first book is live and well today on Amazon and published today.

Dick Hardy 0:32
You are a published author.

Jonathan Hardy 0:34
It’s official. I know it’s scary. Well, of course, it’s already officially published because it’s printed, but now it’s published. So, we are so excited to be able to share with you a little bit about how Arrow Striker is going to help you specifically, and then those that you have influence.

Dick Hardy 0:48
Well, to that extent, Jonathan why dont’ you tell our friends. What’s the content? What’s the general gist of the book?

Jonathan Hardy 0:56
Yeah. And before we get too far into this, we also have some giveaways that we have to tell everyone about. I’ll tell him about the book first, and then you stay tuned, because we’re gonna be doing a lot of giveaways all throughout today. And then there’s of course, the real big Ozark Mountain Getaway giveaway that’s happening as well. So we’ll tell you more about that here in a moment, if you didn’t get a chance to listen to yesterday’s episode. But

Jonathan Hardy 1:16
Arrow Striker is based on 2 Kings chapter 13, where the king of Israel, his name is Jehoash is interacting with the prophet Elijah. And if you’re familiar with this very obscure story, it’s an opportunity where that Eiljah had to give Israel one final chance of hope before Elijah died. It’s the very last story and then he passes away. Yeah. And so it’s very significant story, in the life of Elijah, and in the life of Jehoash.

Jonathan Hardy 1:46
And if you’re not familiar with the story, just in short, this is the time when Elijah tells Jehoash to strike his arrows, and the arrows represent a victory over Aram. You see, at that time, Israel was on the brink of destruction, Aram was much more powerful. And they were to the close to the point where Israel was going to be the next one in line to face ultimate destruction. And so Elijah gives Jehoash a little bit of hope. And he says, Hey, strike your arrows and the arrows represented victory over Aram. And Elijah struck three times. And then he stopped. And Elijah said, Well, why don’t you keep striking you could have completely wiped him out. But now you only get three victories.

Jonathan Hardy 2:24
And then history shows us that actually, Israel did get three victories as a result. And so what I do is I take the physical battle of the Old Testament, and I apply it to the spiritual battle of life today, you see you and me, everyone listening, any believer, is a part of the spiritual battle. It’s light versus darkness. It’s good versus evil. It’s heaven versus hell. And we all are participants in the Lord’s army, we all play a part as spiritual soldiers to fight the battle for the kingdom of God. And so we figuratively speaking, have an opportunity every single day to strike our arrows.

Jonathan Hardy 3:00
And so that’s why the subtitle is called live with purpose and leave an eternal impact every single day. Because it’s not just a one and done. It’s not like you have to go find your grand purpose in life. Every day, right where people are, they have an opportunity to strike their arrows. They have an opportunity to make a difference, to share the love of Jesus, to give, to serve, to help. And so I’m hopeful that this book will really motivate people to step into all God has for them without drastically changing their lives.

Jonathan Hardy 3:28
You know, right where we are today, God has positioned us to be used by Him to accomplish something in this moment. And he may have a greater calling for all of us at different points. And for the people that you have influence over, he may have a greater calling for them. But even right where they are, no matter what they’ve gone through in the past, no matter their mistakes, no matter how much they know about the Bible, or don’t know about the Bible, but God has a plan for people. And I believe this book is going to help people step into everything that He wants to do through them.

Dick Hardy 3:55
Well, and that’s one of the things I love about the book is it really gives you a sense of hope that you could do simple things every single day to strike an arrow to do something God has for you to do. Jonathan, what would you say, for a pastor watching this or a leader or person of the church? Why is this book good for them?

Jonathan Hardy 4:17
Well, this book is good for let’s talk about the leaders of the church, let’s talk about people leading other people. This book is going to help you step into what you are responsible for as the leader of whatever ministry responsibility that you have. Because we all have responsibilities. We all have leadership responsibilities, we all have influence over other people. And this is going to help you maybe get bring greater awareness to some of the ways in which you can have even greater awareness with what God has entrusted to you to do today.

Jonathan Hardy 4:49
And so my hope is that this book will help you but then not just you, but the people that you have influence over. Because the reality is, God has a plan for everyone in our churches, everyone in our ministry areas, everyone that we are responsible to have influence over. And my hope is that what God wants to do through this book is to help people just take that next step, right maybe maybe for some people in your church, they’ve been sitting on the sidelines, and this is the book that could give them the catullus to say, You know what I need to get off the sidelines, I need to get in the trenches, I need to be serving in the church locally, or I need to serve in the local food pantry or I need to start sharing my faith with other people, whatever it might be, or maybe giving, you know, I need to start giving, I have resource.

Jonathan Hardy 4:49
And you know what, I’ve made people realize they’re not striking their arrows financially like they could. The point is, there’s all kinds of things that that are going to be helpful for the church, when people step into what God has for them. And my hope, obviously, is that the book will motivate people to go all out. That’s really the key because what Jehoash didn’t do, he didn’t go all out, he stopped short of what God had for him. And people miss out often on what God wants to do in their lives and through their lives. And so the book is going to help motivate them to make sure that they don’t stop short, that they keep on striking those arrows every single day

Dick Hardy 6:15
This book is really going to potentially make a profound impact on you and your church. We certainly encourage you to we’ll have the links in the show notes to go to Amazon, which is today is the first day for it to be live. But we also have book discounts available. And they would go to what arrowstriker.com for that, is that correct?

Jonathan Hardy 6:36
Yeah,I forgot to arrow if you go to arrow striker.com. And then you you can order, there’s two places you can order. So you from arrowstriker.com, you can it can link you over the Amazon listing, or it can link you to our leaders.church listing where you can also get the bulk orders. So maybe you want to buy them for all of your church members, maybe you want to buy them for your board, for your staff, for your volunteers, we have a lot of bulk discounts available. Because we just want to get it in your hands. And we want to make it easy for you. I know some churches are going to buy the books. And then they’re gonna turn around and sell them to you know, if they have a book resource center or library, those types of places.

Dick Hardy 7:12
And we really tried to make the bulk discounts significant enough so that you could do that, and really clear it, so there’s no money out of your pocket. We’re going to have some things coming down the pike, you can maybe chat with him about this a little bit to Jonathan, a sermon series coming out on the book, and a six part video series that’s going to be coming down the pike. So this is perfect for your men’s group, your women’s group, maybe small groups in the church. So I mean, the book is really designed to help you as a leader impact those that are in your sphere of influence. And for those in the church to be able to spread the word for the people that they’re in connection with.

Jonathan Hardy 7:50
Yeah, I’m excited about those resources coming out, because they’re going to be a great supplement to what we have in the book. Now, just by reading the book, that’s going to be great. And there’s actually a spot where you can go and download discussion questions. I have a lot of people that are already doing that, who were able to get a copy of that book ahead of time. And they’re downloading discussion questions. And they’ve already had, I’ve already had multiple people telling me they’re going to have a small group based on the book and use this discussion guide, and just go chapter by chapter. But for those who don’t necessarily like more of the book study approach, the six part video study is going to be perfect for small groups.

Jonathan Hardy 8:27
Yeah, so it’s in post production right now, it’ll be coming out. Well, at the time of this recording, it’ll be a few more weeks before it is live. But if you just keep checking, it’ll be there arrowstriker.com. It’ll be there. And yeah, and so that’s gonna be a great video study that will have discussion questions that coincide it. And then of course, the sermon series is going to be great for the new year. Because, you know, for those who want to start striking their arrows, maybe for the first time, or they want to take it to the next level, in 2023, it’s going to be kind of that moment where it’s like, you know, let’s go all out this year. Let’s make this year, the year where we just keep striking our arrows.

Jonathan Hardy 9:06
And so that’s going to be a great sermon series that we’re going to be making available here soon as well. And that will be something that you will definitely want to check out for your church. If you do sermon series or if you kind of do the New Year break from whatever main book study you might be doing book of the Bible. I really highly recommend that that could be a great start.

Dick Hardy 9:27
Also, let us remind you that if you pick up the book, which we’re encouraging you to do, we want you to fill out the form at arrowstriker.com/giveaway that you can be entered into the Ozark Mountains Getaway for two people. We’re gonna fly you in. We’re going to make it a very nice time for you. A beautiful condo, Christmas at Silver Dollar City, we got a state of the art steakhouse for you, another great Branson show, coffee with Jonathan and Ashley Hardy. So, can I get one of those sometime?

Jonathan Hardy 10:05
You are not allowed to be, based on the rules and regulations of this giveaway.

Dick Hardy 10:10
But really you want to get your copy and, and fill out the form. There’s a little spot where you can put your receipt in that verifies that you purchased. We’d love to have you get in the drawing, and just see if you can be the winner. We’re going to offer this the first two weeks of December. So you got to make sure somehow you can get a little three day time. Yeah. And then we’re also, Jonathan, maybe you could talk about the giveaway we’re doing today. Only.

Jonathan Hardy 10:35
Yeah, so depending on what time you’re of day, you’re listening to this, if you are listening on Tuesday morning, this is something you’re going to want to be paying attention to all throughout the day today, because we are giving away prizes all day long for those who sign up for the getaway. So what you have to do is, you have to buy the book. Step two is, you have to sign up for the getaway. arrowstriker.com/giveaway. It’s the Ozark Mountain Getaway. You sign up for that.

Jonathan Hardy 11:03
And by signing up for that you’re actually entered into the launch day prizes that we’re going to be giving away all throughout the day, we’re going to be live on Instagram or Facebook. And we’re going to be just giving those out. So all the people who have signed up for the getaway to this point, are going to be entered in and then as people are signing up, then it you know, we’ll be drawing more names at that point. So, you sign up before 11 o’clock AM on Tuesday the 4th central time, yes, thank you, then you’ll have five chances to be able to be a winner of the different prizes that we’re giving away.

Dick Hardy 11:36
11 o’clock, 2 o’clock, 5 o’clock, 8 o’clock, and the last one 10 o’clock, all Central Time. So, we’d love you to be the big winner. So actually, you you do that today. And you’re getting you’re entered into two things. You’re entered into one of these prizes we’re doing today. Yeah. And you’re entered into the getaway, first two weeks in December. So, Jonathan, any parting thoughts here? Well, we’re we’re so pumped for this guy. We’ve been waiting for this for a long time.

Jonathan Hardy 12:03
It’s a long time coming. 15 years in the making. So here it is. Here’s the culmination today is the day.

Dick Hardy 12:10
Let me just remind the listeners or viewers that if if you’ve got a book inside you, you want to be sure to listen to it let yesterday’s episode because that really began the process of helping you start to think through it. We’re gonna have more content on that throughout this week to help you get that book out of of here and into print.

Jonathan Hardy 12:31
Well, tomorrow in particular is going to be the busy pastors guide to writing a book. So you’re a busy pastor, you’re a busy ministry leader, you’re trying to figure out how do I actually take that book idea that’s inside and get it out on the paper, onto the computer, and then in print? Well we’re going to talk to you about that, we’re going to talk about what do you do after that? How do you how do you get to the point where you actually publish the book? And then how do you market it? How do you actually get it out there? Because yeah, it’s great to write a book. But obviously, you want to get it in people’s hands. And so what does that look like?

Jonathan Hardy 12:59
And basically, Dick and I are hoping to collapse time for you. We’re hoping to take all the research, the reading, the stuff that we have tried to dig into to figure out and make it simple for you. So that way you can do it without having to go and start from scratch and do all the research.

Dick Hardy 13:15
Absolutely. So really, we’ve appreciated you being with us today. Go to Amazon, or arrowstriker.com. Pick up the book, check out all the links in the show notes. And we’re really going to look forward to the journey with you and we pray that God really helps you as you strike your arrows every single day. Thanks for hanging out with us. We’ll look forward to seeing again, be blessed.

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