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097 – Connections Track Live

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Today, we are announcing the launch of our brand new track inside Church University called the Connections Track.

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Dick Hardy 0:05
Hey friends, it’s great to be with you here on this Church Tips Podcast today. I’m Dick Hardy, your co-presenter and today we’re hanging with my good buddy Nathan Teegarden. From the great city of Kansas City, Nathan is the North Campus Pastor and Connections, Director for Summit Park Church in the Kansas City area, doing a great job there.

And Nathan and I have known each other for a long time, but he has just come on board with us to help create the brand new course in the Church University resources called the Connections Track. So if you haven’t gone to churchuniversity.com, I encourage you to do that, go to churchuniversity.com, and you’ll scroll down right away, you’re gonna see the connections track, which is open today, you couldn’t get it yesterday, you can get it today.

Connections Track Live Offer

And we are offering, for a very limited number of days, I think we’ve got this maybe seven or eight days, you can get the connections course for two thirds off. Now when I talk to you about the Connections Track, and Nathan’s going to give us to flesh it out a little more. This is a fully comprehensive course that really is going to take you a to z in the area of connections with people who visit your church.

So, we’re going to talk to you a little bit more about that. Certainly the link for you to sign up is right here in the show notes. But Nathan, talk to us a little bit about the connections track and kind of what the evolution of all this was that brought it to this point today. Yeah,

Nathan Teegarden 1:33
Yeah, absolutely. Well, first, I think that Connections is the future. Yeah, I really, really do. Because you can get great content, your people in your church can get great content, really anytime they want all over the place. Like they can hear great sermons from great preachers right on their phone at any point, so what is the thing that’s going to be distinctive about the local church, it’s really comes down to this idea of connections.

You know, that people can have a relationship with you in your church and other people in your church, versus they’re not gonna be able to have that relationship for some of their watching, you know, across the United States. So, this is a really important topic as we move forward into the future. And everything’s more digital and all that it will never replace the net necessity for community. And that’s what Connections is all about?

Dick Hardy 2:20
I just have to say, I appreciate so much the detail you put into this connections, track. I mean, it’s got the got what, like eight modules, and you’re covering various things, love to have you give us a little, just to flesh out a few of those in there. But I want to tell you from this, this track, this course of training is going to help take your church to places you never imagined possible, and help connect people.

You know, the drill, people come visit your church, and then they might come back, they might not. And that is so frustrating for us as pastors, because we work hard to get people there, and that they don’t connect. And this course is going to help you do it. Yeah, give us a flyover some of the kinds of things you’re talking about in the court.

Nathan Teegarden 3:04
Well, just to kind of that point at the very beginning and talk about the importance of connections, and really how, when people are connected, man, they will. And this isn’t a compliment to the church, but they’ll put up with a lot of things in the church that they don’t like. But because they’ve got a friend, though, they’ve got a community of believers around them, men, they will stick it out in a church.

So, just that goes to show the importance. Then on the flip side, when people don’t have a friend, they haven’t made a connection, and they don’t stick. And you can have the coolest lights, you can have all the bells and whistles, you can even have a great building, but ultimately buildings lights, all that stuff aren’t going to keep peeped out, right. And that’s where connections really comes in.

So I talked about that in the first module, just how important that is, and give you some tools along the way. But what I’m really excited about, and this I think is so important for churches to know and understand that connections isn’t complicated in concept. But you definitely need a pathway a connections, a track a way to for people to flow down.

And so it really is the modules two through seven, talk about how we can take somebody from being what I define as a viewer. So somebody that knows about your church, maybe drives by your church is familiar with it, because they’ve seen it online, all the way to being a disciple. Yeah. So that’s because that’s the goal. Jesus said, Go and make disciples, and so disciples. And so that’s what we want to do. And that’s why I talked about in the track and go through each step along the way of how you take them to the next stage.


Dick Hardy 4:32
That is so good. You know, and I gotta tell you, when you jump into the connections track, you’re going to get a whole boatload of bonuses. Nathan and I had talked about this earlier, just off off the video, and the number of things that are going to be available to you are going to make literally those bonuses are going to make it worth the price of admission entirely.

And just just to let you know, this thing, starting today, for just a short number of days is literally two thirds off, you’re never gonna find anything like this. Let me mention to you too, because I’m a little bit of a math nerd. You know, the average church, if you say a church of 100 200 people is probably their average giving per capita is probably about $2,000, per man, woman or child. And this thing retails for 1197. And you’re gonna get it today for $397. So you invest $397 and get one person. And the average giving per person is to 2000 it’s kind of like a no brainer. How it really is fiscally a great investment for the church.

Unknown Speaker 5:40
Yeah, and that’s exactly what it is. It’s an emvestment is an investment.

Dick Hardy 5:44
You’re not spending money, you’re investing, you know, to your point to I have a church I’ll leave it nameless because it had a rich history, but it fell on hard times. And, I said, you know, there are people that stay at that church. For one reason, it really wasn’t that it wasn’t a very good church anymore. Why do people stay at that church? They’re friends. Their friends are there. And then you’ve seen it. You’ve seen it. Great churches, all the bells and whistles, all the everything. And people don’t stay there. Why? Because they can’t get connected. Yep. So anyway, I kind of get on my high horse here.

Nathan Teegarden 6:18
Yeah, yeah. And honestly, that’s what the thing that we’re all trying to solve is specifically if you’re dealing with connections, which really all church leaders are dealing with connections and trying to connect people, but it’s the disappointing phone call that you get when, when you follow up, finally follow up with someone and they’re like, hey, why, you know, all we’re going to check out some other churches like, oh, I just feel like you never got connected?

And you’re like, oh, that’s a pain point. Yeah, it’s like, how can we solve this? How can we figure this out? Because if we can, we can minimize that, and maximize helping people make a friend and get a community because that’s when they stick and ultimately, that’s what we’re after. We’re not just trying to get people out to our church one time. No, it’s not about the big event or the big, but it’s about consistently keeping people connected to church, ultimately, to Jesus. And then that’s when they become disciples, you know, so that’s what this is all about?

Dick Hardy 7:09
Well, I tell you, if you’ll click the link here in this podcast and make that investment, you’re going to be able to solve the very kinds of things Nathan’s talking about. Absolutely. Any others. Any other things that you want to just mention to us and these pot in the modules that do stick come to mind?

Nathan Teegarden 7:23
Yeah, yeah. And again, it just kind of comes back to this pathway system, you know, you can do kind of an organic connections, follow up, kind of just handle it yourself, you know, okay, I’m going to call people or I’m going to try to get them plugged in. But I think if you want to scale and be effective, to really make sure that no one falls through the cracks, then you’ve got to have a good system in place. And that’s what this does it, it gives you the why like why this is important. It paints the picture like this is the future, this is where we’re going well, I feel like we’re already there actually. And but it’s only going to become a bigger deal. And then it gives you a pathway in actual tracks for you to lay and, and rolled out and then helps you to know how to implement it into your culture, like one specific model is dedicated to that to where how you can build your team and help them to understand the importance of having a connections team. So then you can now execute this. So this isn’t just stay in the ideas realm, because everybody’s got a great idea, but it’s about execution. So this is a really great resource, I believe is going to help a lot of churches and help you right where you are to connect.

Dick Hardy 8:21
I’m telling you, friend, I’ve seen every one of these videos, and they are at a level that is going to truly meet you right where you’re at. Now, if you’ve if you’ve already picked up one of the church university courses, either preaching church board, kid man or audio, you realize the quality of what we’re trying to this is than that and more, it truly is going to be one of the best investments you’re ever going to make. To be able to get a two thirds off and I’m just not sure wherever we would ever have probably the chance of that is slim and none you so Now is your time to get that make that investment and begin to see people matriculate into the life of the church because we want them to do that. Because ultimately Nathan talks about this in in the connections course. Ultimately, we want to bring take them from being a viewer right? Yep. to being a fully devoted follower of Jesus and then a multiplier Yep. of more people. So yeah, absolutely parting shot. Any final thing you want a pastor remember, man, just

Nathan Teegarden 9:21
Get get this and implemented, don’t just get the resource, but then actually put it into practice because it will make a huge difference in your church.

Dick Hardy 9:27
It really well. Thanks so much, Nathan, I really appreciate the investment of time and effort that you put into this. And I’m gonna tell you, this man wants to partner with you. So just click the link, grab the two thirds off, and we’re gonna look forward to seeing you in the connections track of church University. Make it a great one today and be blessed.

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