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P3 Free Book Download

Are you ready to transform your church’s ability to hear from God?

There comes a time in the life of any pastor where they desire more of God. They want to commune with Him at a deeper level and lead their churches to the same.

Pastor Scott Wilson of Oaks Church in Dallas has just released an outstanding new tool to this end. You can access your free copy of P3; Praying in the Spirit, with understanding and in agreement.

One thing is for sure, there is a universal desire among pastors for the people in the churches they serve to become fully devoted followers of Jesus and to grow in their communion with the Lord.

Part of that full devotion is growing in our knowledge and understanding of how to pray. I’ve known the Lord since I was a 9-year old. Today, I have more than my fair share of gray hair… and I am still growing in knowing Jesus and in praying.

In P3, Scott talks to the pastor and the parishioner in ways that help them understand the heart of God to be known by His sons and daughters.

Pastors lead their folks in learning how to pray. They lead the church in communing with the Lord. They open the Word to help people understand how much God loves them and how much He wants to be in relationship with Him.

P3 Free Book Download

P3 is an easy read, in that it’s only 100-ish pages. On the other hand, there is depth in Scott’s writing that challenges the reader to read-again portions of scripture that sometimes have been glossed over from our past.

When people read the book, these are things that come to mind:

• An ability to see greater spiritual alignment with the Lord.
• A greater ability to bring teams into true spiritual unity.
• A discovery of God’s right-now plan in the season of “right now.”

P3 will challenge you to grow closer to Jesus. You will pray in the Spirit, pray with understanding and pray in agreement. This free book lives up to its title. Enjoy!

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