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The Pastor’s Attitude on Their Own Success

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We have all been taught how attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. It certainly impacts our work ethic, our relationships, and our level of enthusiasm. Certainly, one of the ways to give our attitude an upgrade is to focus on your attitude and spend some time being thankful. Your attitude lightens the load. It resets our perspective and expands our outlook. As a result, your attitude impacts how we experience life. With that said, what does this look like? How should you go about improving your attitude during your ministry success?

We have all met the person who adopts the wrong attitude during their success. This could take many forms, but perhaps this means that they constantly boast about it. Or maybe this person chooses to feel entitled to more than others because of their success. Whatever the scenario may be, people who hold this type of attitude toward their success are hard to deal with. This is not the type of leader you want to be. Your ministry success is not your success, it is God’s success. So how should you ensure that your attitude stays pure? This is what we want to help with.

Your attitude as a leader may impact the level of trust that people have in you. Is your attitude setting an example that you would want other leaders and volunteers to emulate? Every pastor wants to have success beyond their wildest dreams, and if your heart as a leader aligns with God’s heart, He wants that level of success for you as well. Is your attitude different when you are being applauded from when you are not at all recognized for building and shaping something successful? You will benefit from an examination of how your own success impacts your attitude.

In this video:
We offer eight considerations of your attitude toward your ministry success. This session is worth watching, reflecting on the content, and either watching again, or possibly even sharing with others.

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