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Preparation: Where Do You Begin?

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If you have been tasked with presenting the message to the congregation on the weekend, you can begin to feel overwhelmed in terms of where to start with your sermon preparation. Maybe you are stuck in a place of simply trying to figure out what your message is going to be about. Maybe you already know what you are going to speak about, but you are not sure where to start in terms of preparation. Sometimes the answer to these types of questions is found by simply resourcing yourself with simple factors that will allow you to be more productive throughout the week. You will also start to realize that utilizing the time you have during the week in an effective manner is absolutely critical to your preparation. In this video, you will learn a systematic approach as to how you should utilize your week preceding the message that you are preparing for.

One of the most important things to remember as you begin to prepare your message is to be in prayer with the Lord. Obviously, aside from God, you are not going to have a message that aligns with the vision of the church. It is imperative that you are spending intentional time with God in order to maximize your message and understand what God wants to speak through you.

Another key factor to keep in mind as you are beginning to prepare for a message is how you are going to set the table. In other words, what is your introduction going to consist of so that you can, not only grab the attention of your listeners, but setup the rest of your message.

In this video, you will learn how to set up your week proactively so that your preparation is productive. You will also learn five things that you can do to set the table as you deliver your introduction, as well as the role that the subject of your message plays. In addition to this, you will be provided with intentional steps that you can take in your prayer life that will assist you in your preparation.

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