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How to Communicate Through Layers of the Church Organization

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In this series, we unpacked the variety of ways that we communicate as church leaders; verbal, non-verbal, and in written form. Much of these best practices focused on individual communication skills or a set of leaders in a church. Now it is time to wrap up this series by discussing a seldom recognized, but very effective hybrid approach to church communication. It speaks to how communication flows through any size church to effectively move information through it.

This proven approach is best introduced by picturing a cascading waterfall, such as Seven Falls in Colorado Springs. Water dumps over the top of a mountain falling into a lower pool, which dumps more falling water out into an even lower pool, then another, and so on, until seven cascading waterfalls have formed the famous attraction known as Seven Falls.

The approach to organizing and disseminating church communication in a more efficient manner is known as cascading communication. Why is it worth your time to watch the video and consider it? First of all, many people have concluded that it is impossible to have any communication be universally disseminated through a complex organization. Churches have complexity. People come and go, with a varying degree of faithfulness. Some people may primarily attend a certain type of event or program or support service.

Secondly, it is so very easy for important communication to be distorted as people digest it. You can already see how communication, both internally and externally, happens on multiple fronts at multiple levels, in various directions at a church. No wonder communication gets distorted. It is due to serial re-telling, like the game of telephone we played as children. If we let a message be retold and passed on, again and again, in a random fashion, there will be confusion.

You can significantly improve how information flows within your church by learning the concept of cascading communication. In this video, we describe the technique and show you how to implement it with four main points.

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