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Clarity for Your Team in Ministry

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At this point in the series, we have discussed some highly effective strategies for you and your team to utilize in an attempt to find your mission and gain clarity. In this video, we will shift focuses from why clarity is so important and how you should go about obtaining it, to what you should do after you have it.

Assuming that you have followed the steps we have outlined throughout the series, you are in a position of confidence when it comes to clarity. To this point, you understand how to evaluate your church based on what you are doing to advance your mission. Now that you have this sense of personal clarity, how are you going to share it with your team? After all, it takes a thriving team to have a thriving church.

For illustrative purposes, think back to the last time you introduced a new board game to your family or a group of people. Depending on the complexity of the game, your immediate thought is most likely how difficult it was to explain the rules of the game to the people around you. This is a frustrating experience, especially when you know that the game you are trying to play is one that the whole group would love. This is the perfect picture of a lack of clarity within a group. You have clarity yourself, but unless you can share it, the benefit is void.

The fact is, clarity for you and your team provides an inherent cohesiveness that is crucial to the functionality and success of your church. In this video, we will provide you with some practical advice that will help you articulate key principles and practices to your team. Your team is about to understand the vision, what the win is, and what they can do to be a part of the thriving church that God has created.

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