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Does Your Preaching Keep People Coming Back?


Well, it’s safe to say preaching does contribute to a person’s desire to come back to church, although it may play less of a role than one might think.

So maybe a better question is:

If your preaching is good and your music is good but people don’t feel connected, will they come back?

That’s the essential question we tackle in this week’s video blog.

It’s one thing for a guest or a new attender to come back for a few weeks because they’re checking out the church. But what happens a few months down the line when they still don’t feel like they’ve connected with others.

This is why it’s so important to develop systems that will help people connect into your church and not fall through the cracks.

So… How well-connected is your church?

Here are some metrics to examine to answer that:

  1. How many people participate in small groups?
  2. How many people attend in discipleship classes offered?
  3. How many people volunteer at your weekend services?

These are just a few of the many areas to look at to help you gauge the effectiveness of your church participation.

Ultimately, the goal is to continue helping people become fully-devoted followers of Jesus and to participate more in the ministry of your church. When they do so, they will feel more and more connected. And if they are connected, they will stay for the long haul despite personal preferences on other aspects of the ministry.

(NOTE: Does your ministry & life feel out of balance? Click here to learn how to create the appropriate margin for long-term ministry effectiveness.)

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