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It Takes a Team to Create Sermons

If there is anything a pastor thinks they need to do by themselves, it is writing their sermon. Bible College and Seminary taught them exactly how to do that. Right?

However, now we find ourselves in this digital age and in particular during COVID-19, where everything has changed. We just can’t do this thing called church alone… AND we can’t do preaching like we’ve always done it.

Pastoring is never an individual sport, even for those who are the sole paid staff member at the church. And the same is true for preaching.

To this end, I’d encourage you to download the It Takes a Team PDF to help you process through building a team to help you craft better sermons and deliver them in a way that prompts more life change in people.

Every pastor knows they can’t do it all. They have volunteers and leaders to help out with preschool, children ministry, youth services, pastoral care, accounting and maintenance. There are worship teams, hospitality teams, greeting teams, even security teams.

However, one area that almost every pastor loves to go it alone is in preaching. Though they lean on others to help reach their church members and new visitors, they seem to keep a tight lock on sermon writing and delivery each week.

Here’s a question for you. What would happen if pastors took the same team approach to preaching as they do with nearly every other area of ministry? For one, their sermon study and writing may be cut in half.

Want your sermons to get better every single week? Check out It Takes a Team to learn about 4 teams you can build or involve in your sermons.

With others on board, a pastor can share those responsibilities. For another thing, each sermon would reach a more diverse audience. Think of how you could increase your scope by including more voices and ideas.

If you’re the type who likes to do it yourself, take another look at how a team could improve your preaching. God has given you just the right people, whether at your small church or large, to help you broaden your capacity to preach and to increase the depth of your content.

The pastor who realizes the gift of volunteers not only to the Body but to the preacher themselves, will see increased response in life change in the men, women, boys and girls in the church. In fact, at Leaders.Church we are praying with you to that end.

Download the It Takes a Team PDF and let’s get started. Build that team to help you research, brainstorm, create, study, craft and hone your sermon. Your team wants you to be the best preacher you can be. You want to get better; we want you to get better and certainly the Lord wants that for you.

So, let’s get started. You’re doing your due-diligence in building your team. And in doing so, you’re charting your course to engage the best team possible to make your preaching all God wants it to be. Have at it, my friend!

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