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How Your Family Can Compliment Your Ministry


Ever heard it said, “family works against ministry” or “ministry works against family?” I have … and it saddens me every time I hear it.

The Hardy’s have experienced it where ministry clearly complimented our family. We celebrated that. It is the other way around I want to cover today.

Your family is an amazing gift of the Lord to you. No matter whether you are single, newly married, married raising kids or an empty-nester, family is a gift.

I don’t know about you but when I have a gift this valuable I love to share it with others. In my case, church and ministry are important “others” in my life.

Here are ways family can compliment ministry.

1. Involve your kids in your ministry.

If you teach a class, have your son or daughter help you set up the room, put handouts on chairs, prepare the snacks, etc. Help them see the connection between those things being done well and the ministry being done well.

2. Teach your kids the value of ministry.

Help your children understand how serving in ministry helps them be better as a boy or girl.  Help them see ministry as a wonderful thing in which they can be involved. Never devalue ministry. Always value it!

3. Model family involvement.

This would not be a primary motivation to involving your family in ministry, but I will say that virtually everything you do as a pastor or church leader models behavior for others. This is a good thing which you should see as complimenting ministry and family.

Your family can compliment your ministry. In doing so, you model for your spouse and children how serving the Lord even in the behind the scenes ways can invigorate their lives spiritually and otherwise.

I pray with you to this end. Leave me a note of ways your family has complimented your ministry.

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