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What to Do If You Make a Wrong Decision

If you’re like me you’re regularly wondering about the quality of your decisions and if you’re making the right calls. I’m not talking about second guessing yourself all the time, but let’s face it, the stakes are high when leading in the church and we want to do it right.

In the midst of making decisions, sometimes you miss it. Sometimes you miss it big time. We hate it when that happens but it does. So how should you respond when you make a bad call?

Here are a few thoughts that might help you when it happens.

1.  Acknowledge your fallibility. That’s right… there is only one fully infallible being and you’re not Him.

2.  Pray for the His help. Before, during and after any decision-making process, you need to be calling on the Lord to help you navigate your decision.

3.  Seek counsel from others. You are not a lone ranger or at least shouldn’t be. God has put friends and colleagues in your life for a reason. Tap into them.

4.  Apologize when necessary. Sometimes our decisions have negative consequences on others. Sometimes the ramification to others is negative. Own your decision and when necessary, apologize.

5.  Okay, it happened. Now it’s time to adjust your decision and make it better.

6.  Move forward. If the decision missed the mark, then it missed the mark. Look at it and then move forward.

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Making a wrong decision, while not our preferred outcome, is not the end of the world. These things happen. What we do once they happen makes all the difference in the world.

Most of your decisions are right on target. These are the ones that advance all the Lord has asked you to do in service to Him. Rest in that!

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