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13 Practical Tips for Churches During COVID-19

This video interview with Dick & Jonathan Hardy addresses 13 practical tips for churches during COVID-19 and the primary areas of concern for churches during this outbreak.

Prior to the current times, people were wondering how to know when to cancel church due to coronavirus. Some people are still looking to find tips for churches during COVID-19. Others have it pretty well figured it out.

Our hope is to be able to provide tools for you. No matter the size of your church and no matter how prepared or unprepared you still feel as of today, you need the tools to move forward right now.  

There are several more weeks of churches not meeting. So in this video, we talk about how to fulfill the mission we’re called to accomplish as pastors and ministry leaders in the church, knowing that most are confined to their homes right now.  

Then, what about after this whole thing is over? The reality is that there is going to be a time when COVID-19 is over. What are churches doing now to prepare for that? We talk about that in this video, too. Enjoy! 

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