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Getting Started

You have unlimited growth potential

Have you ever been frustrated with your church’s growth?

Let’s face it… You didn’t become a pastor to maintain the status quo. You want to make an impact – to see lives changed and build the Church – and that’s why you’re in ministry.

And yet you’re stuck.

You have limited growth (if any at all), or at least not at the pace you’d like. You see other churches growing, and you wonder what’s the difference.

So you go to work figuring it out. You ask yourself, “What are the growing churches doing?”
You analyze. You strategize. You implement.

Still not much changes… and it’s frustrating. You think about giving up completely. Or you settle in to the “reality” that your church is going to stay as is.

But is that what God really intended for you when you decided to pastor?

The fact is, you can improve your weekend experience, refine your systems, and follow the latest trends, but there’s no guarantee that your church will grow.


Because it’s not simply what you do that makes your church grow. It’s who you are…

Simply put, you are the key to growing the church! God has chosen you to lead the way.

But you do have unlimited growth potential…