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Turnaround Pastor

Ever been in a situation where you needed a miracle turn-around? No formula for that one is there!

Earlier this month I interviewed my friend, Don Ross, on his book Turnaround Pastor. Wow! Talk about a great read. Click here to listen (5:38)

Oftentimes churches find themselves in a place of decline, and knowing how to bounce back is incredibly difficult — even agonizing — and sometimes you just feel like it’d be easier to quit.

If you’ve had those thoughts before, Don shared some great insight in my interview with him that you have to hear!

This is just plain good stuff. And it applies to all areas of ministry; it’s not just for lead pastors…

The first half of his great book inspired me. The second gave me tools. I’ll bet it’ll do the same for you.

Click here to purchase Turnaround Pastor by Don Ross

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