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Be Our Guest

By the Disney Institue

There comes a time in the life of any organization where customers come first. Those who learn that early, grow. Those who do not never get traction, or if they do, they flatten and decline prematurely.

Be Our Guest is a book that gives insight to arguably the finest customer service organization in the world, Disney. It chronicles significant components of how Walt Disney envisioned a customer-focused experience that made people want to come back again and again.

Everything from the first contact with Disney through the exit and follow through are described. The Disney Institute writes openly about exceeding expectations, about the importance of going far beyond the extra mile to make sure guests are more than satisfied with their experience.

When reading this book through the eyes of a pastor who leads an organization with far greater eternal significance than Disney, the possibilities for reaching guests with the gospel are phenomenal. Any pastor who can apply even half of the concepts presented in Be Our Guest will be miles ahead in his impact in the community. The reason why? Because almost no churches do hospitality anywhere near where they could.

If you give to the guests of your church the attention to detail and provide the experience communicated in Be Our Guest, you will find more and more of those guests coming back to the experience you offer. Disney purposes for that experience to be genuine and of high value. My guess is if your church can do the same you will begin to see a renewed growth.

Caring for guests is not a natural for many but it can be done and done well. Walt Disney set the bar high. You need to do the same!

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