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Adopted for Life

By Russell Moore

“Are they brothers? They are now.” I love that question and the resulting answer in Russell Moore’s book Adopted for Life. Read it and weep in more ways than one.

Moore and his wife, Maria adopted two boys from Russia. Upon return to the states they dealt with the whole range of questions people ask parents of adopted children; some out of natural curiosity and others out of ignorance.

The book describes in great detail two adoptions understood by Christians. The first is the human adoptions such as the Moore’s experience. He provides wonderful information that encourages those who have adopted and also motivates those who have not considered this venture.

The second adoption is that of being adopted into the body of Christ. When you think of it the correlation is amazing. The author holds nothing back in writing of the price that was paid for our adoption, and how in doing so, Jesus put to rest forever the question of whether we are brothers or sisters. In the body of Christ we are one in family.

You know an author is on to something when he titles two of his chapters, “Joseph of Nazareth vs. Planned Parenthood” and “Jim Crow in the Church Nursery.” Then this author ventures into Hillary Clinton terminology in the chapter “It Takes a Village to Adopt a Child.” Frankly, Russell Moore is an outstanding writer.

I highly recommend this book to anyone considering adoption or investing into the lives of those who want to adopt. As well, I encourage those who have not found a spiritual family to read and consider the claims of the Bible in bonding them into the family of God as they give their heart to him.

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