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Leading the Church Through Shifting Culture

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Culture is a term that is highly relevant in the church world today. This term defines how many aspects of ministry are performed. You may hear people asking questions such as, “what is the culture that we are trying to create?” It is evident that culture plays an enormous role in church leadership, but what role does it play? What is culture? Beyond that, how can the church navigate changing cultures?

In today’s society, culture is an ever-changing entity. This remains true whether you are talking about culture as it pertains to the church as a whole, your local church, or secular culture. If this is true, and culture is constantly changing, how can we develop a clear understanding of how to utilize culture within the church?

In this series, we will discuss topics such as how to thrive when the “big C” church culture changes around you. We will teach you how to lead in a way that allows for a seamless change of culture within your local church. We will also cover the effects of a changing secular culture on the church and how you should respond to it.

Culture is a fundamental aspect of church ministry. Knowing when to shift the culture and adapt to inevitable shifts is vital to the growth and survival of your church. As a leader, the way you foster and shape the culture that your church embraces plays a huge role. Perhaps you are intimidated by the idea of shifting cultures. Maybe you are still unsure of what culture really means as it pertains to the church setting. This series is designed specifically for these concerns.

In this series:

We will unpack the importance of embracing culture within the church and how to deal with changing cultures in ministry. We want this series to be your comprehensive guide to adapting to and leading through changing cultures in ministry.

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